[Mailman-Users] To and Sender address seem wrong ?

Soren Dayton csdayton at cs.uchicago.edu
Tue Jul 6 18:26:47 CEST 1999

Andy McClements <a.mcclements at linst.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi All,
> There's something not right here..
> I want my listserver to appear to be running on a system with the name
> "lists.domain.org" instead of its full-qualified domain name "box.domain.org".
> Accordingly, I've created a CNAME DNS record for "lists" that points to the
> FQDN, and added "lists.domain.org" to the /etc/sendmail.cw file. The system
> is now happy to accept mail to addresses at "lists.domain.org".
> I've set (1). DEFAULT_HOST_NAME in mm_cfg.py and (2). "Host name this list
> prefers" in the list configuration web interface, to "lists.domain.org".
> However, I find that in messages coming from the list I see the following
> headers:
> To: test-list at box.domain.org
> Sender: test-list-admin at box.domain.org
> X-BeenThere: test-list at lists.domain.org
> eg. the To: and Sender: seem to be wrong. I *sent* the message to
> "test-list at lists.domain.org", so in fact the To: header has been changed to
> the wrong address by Mailman.
> Where is Mailman picking up the FQDN ? How do I fix this ?

It isn't.  Any transport agent will canonicalize the name to the
non-CNAME.  if this is the behavior that you want, use MX records.  Or a 
separate A record.


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