[Mailman-Users] Re: [Mailman-Developers] Performance problems and MailMan

The Dragon De Monsyne dragondm at integral.org
Fri Jul 9 05:35:26 CEST 1999

> Just a quick note 'cause I have very little time.  I'm currently
> seeing python.org massively pegged, and Guido and I were talking about 
> some Python tools we'd like to develop that would help debug
> situations like this.  What I wanted was something like gdb's ability
> to attach to and print stack traces of running external programs.  We
> got into some brainstorming and came up with A Certified Very Cool
> Trick[1].
> This yielded a traceback for where at least two pegged processes are
> spinning.  Seems to make sense, but I'm not very familar with the
> archiving guts, so I post this traceback to spur some discussion.
> Maybe Scott or Harald can craft a fix.

	Hmm... A few thoughts..  
I've never seen the load problem on my mailman site, even though I run
several reasonabally well trafficked lists, HOWEVER, I run a slightly
customized version of HyperArch.py which stil.l uses bsddb for data

Also, my site does not immedeately archive messages, it runs an archiving
cronjob every few hours.(it still dosen't draw much cpu whence the cronjob
kicks in, tho) 

	really, this archiving system was never meant to be used in the
current method of operation (being invoked on each incoming message), and
it's design is probably rather non-optimal for this use. It spends
substantial  time building & tearing down & (un)pickling various
structures incurring a bit of overhead. 

	-The Dragon De Monsyne

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