[Mailman-Users] delivery algorithm does not fit for me

Dringo Bela dbela at sulinet.hu
Mon Jul 12 09:34:08 CEST 1999


  the delivery algorithm (scripts/deliver) puts members from the same
domain ( xyz.com) together and sends them as one job to the
MTA. It does not matter that these members are from different subdomain
(abc.xyz.com, def.xyz.com...). It's not good for me, because all of the
subdomains have different mail server. I have 250 members from the same
domain, but most of them from different subdomain. In this way the
terrible slow.
When i make it different way (i hacked the code) the deliver
is faster (the mailqueue will be empty 5 mins vs 6 hours).
It will be good, that in the future release will be it an option in the
admin page or
somewhere else.

Thanks and sorry for my english,

Bela Dringo
dbela at sulinet.hu

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