[Mailman-Users] Converting LISTSERV archives to something arch can understand

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Sun Jul 18 21:17:06 CEST 1999

>>>>> "M" == Moacir  <moacir at zuikis.uchicago.edu> writes:

    M> I'm having a bit of trouble updating the three years of
    M> listserv files I have to mbox format--or any format that arch
    M> can understand. I receive the files as body text of an email,
    M> that looks basically like this:

    M> all the way to the end. Now, we've managed to convert those
    M> lines of "=" into what looks like a normal email "From" line,
    M> but it still doesn't seem to be working out right.

    M> Any quick hints on how to mboxify (or anything arch can read)
    M> this file format?

The trick is that the From_ header has to be gotten exactly right,
otherwise the archiver won't be able to tell where the message
begins.  Take a look at the code in Mailman/GatewayManager.py that
fakes a From_ header for messages sucked off of Usenet.


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