[Mailman-Users] Timezone problem

Brian Knotts bknotts at europa.com
Mon Jul 19 17:59:34 CEST 1999

I have mailman up and running for the most part, but am bothered by one little
problem. I thought maybe it was unique to me, until I noticed the same problem
after subscribing to the mailman-users mailing list.

The problem is the Date: header. It seems to be incorrect in mail that is sent
out by Mailman.

Here is the Date: header I received in the 'Welcome to "Mailman-Users"' mail:

Date: Mon Jul 19 11:45:43 1999

No time zone is specified, so my mailer (XFMail) assumes UTC, and sorts it
accordingly. elm also sorts it the same way.

I'm sure this can be fixed relatively easily, but, sad to say, Python is not
the language with which I am most familiar, to say the least. :-)

Can anyone suggest a small patch for this? I would imagine that would be all it
would take.


Brian Knotts                                          bknotts at europa.com

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