[Mailman-Users] List owner address on Web pages

David Osborne David.Osborne at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jul 20 17:40:30 CEST 1999

I've found the answers for a couple of my questions since posting them...

> 1: I notice that the footers of the Web pages relating to the test list I set 
> up say "Test list run by realusername at my.list.host". Since the list setup 
> creates aliases of listname-owner and listname-admin, I'd think it would be 
> better to say "Test list run by Test-admin at my.list.host".

I found the setting for this in the list's admin Web page and changed it from 
the default which I'd let it use.

> 3: Only a few of our lists currently have archives; with Mailman, I can see 
> that archives may be more popular. Is there a way of limiting how much space 
> the archives take up, perhaps by automatically removing those over a certain 
> age?

Discarding messages from an archive is covered as item 8 in the FAQ.

Sorry for posting before reading more carefully. I'd still like to know the 
answer to my other question:

Are there conversion tools to easily import a Majordomo list into Mailman,
together with any existing archives it may have?


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