[Mailman-Users] Macintosh IE 4.5, cookie decoding problem status?

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Wed Jul 21 23:18:59 CEST 1999

>>>>> "BD" == Brett Dikeman <brett at artelsoft.com> writes:

    BD> Saw this mentioned in the archives, but no solution was
    BD> posted.  I'm running mailman-1.0rc3, and I can't do -squat-
    BD> from IE 4.5 because mailman can't decode the cookies.  The
    BD> cookie is there, it has some data in it, it's enabled, I don't
    BD> have any proxies, etc.

    BD> Is this in the process of being fixed, fixed already, or what?
    BD> It's a major problem if it can't be administered from any
    BD> browser, particularly one of the most popular Macintosh
    BD> browsers.  In my application, if it won't work on IE 4.5, I
    BD> can't use it...period.

If it's caused by the same problem as IE 4.06 on Windows, then yes,
the workaround has been checked into the CVS tree for the next


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