[Mailman-Users] Performance question

Dave Cinege dcinege at psychosis.com
Wed Jul 21 23:28:01 CEST 1999

Ricardo Kustner wrote:
> Anyway, maybe you have to test it first... or maybe other people have 
> better reallife experience with many users? python.org?

FYI I have 900 users on one list (which generates 99% of my email traffic) 200
on another, and about 200 more on some very low traffic lists. The server avg's
30K (100MB) messages a day, peaking around 50K.

The machine is a celeron 300A, with 256MB, SCSI drives, Debian GNU/Linux 2.1
(2.2 kernel), and exim MTA.

This box is also my primary FTP, HTTP, and everything else server. (Including
one remote X11 user that runs netscape!) Performance is very good in general,
and good for the mailing lists. Some enhanced queue options in exim would make
it better. Mailman does not seem to be a bottle kneck.

More system config reports of larger setups welcome.

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