[Mailman-Users] Admin pages not working via Navigator 3

Andy McClements a.mcclements at linst.ac.uk
Thu Jul 22 15:37:33 CEST 1999

Hi All,

I'm getting desperate for fix for this one, if anyone has ANY ideas, please
let me know.

I created a list in the same manner I've used to create six or seven
previously which are all working as expected. The moderator of this new
list is using Navigator3 16-bit, and finds that;

1. Every access to one of the admin pages results in the authentication page.
2. Any attempt to "Submit Changes" results in the authentication page, AND
the changes are not made.

If I perform the same actions, using the same password, using Communicator,
all works as expected. Therefore I suspect something about the interaction
between Mailman and Navigator 3.

Andy McClements            | mailto: a.mcclements at linst.ac.uk 
Network Administrator      | http:   it.linst.ac.uk 
The London Institute HEC   | phone:  0171 514 6051 

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