[Mailman-Users] Leading space problem?

Igor S. Livshits igorl at life.uiuc.edu
Sat Jul 24 01:43:39 CEST 1999


Somehow, newlist managed to create a list with a leading space in its 
name -- I am not exactly sure how this happened. As I tried to access 
said list via the web interface, a few things went awry which may 
have led to a large chunk of my Mailman files and directories getting 

Unfortunately, I do not have the exact steps which led to the 
demolition. I just restored my Mailman hierarchy from backups.

However, it would be nice if Mailman:

1. Checked for spaces in list names and made sure no such lists were 
ever created


2. Properly translated spaces within URLs to %20

Thanks, igor

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