[Mailman-Users] installation as a user with limited permissions

Matthew Swift swift at alum.mit.edu
Thu Jul 29 08:33:00 CEST 1999

I'm hoping to be able to use mailman to run mailing lists from my
ISP's machine and web server.  On this machine, I cannot create new
user groups or users, and I cannot modify the Apache configuration or
sendmail configuration.  I can run my own CGI scripts, and I can
control (via procmail) where all mail to my domain gets directed.

I have looked over the installation directions for mailman, which
calls for creating a user and usergroup, adding sendmail aliases, and
modifying the webserver's configuration. 

My impression is that I could manage to satisfy mailman in some
respects (e.g., I have a 'ScriptAlias /bin/ <a directory of mine>' to
work with, so maybe I could mimic the requested 'ScriptAlias /mailman/
<dir>' by making clever links), but that in general it is a lost cause
to try to use mailman in my situation.

Is it a lost cause?  

If not, has anyone figured out all the necessary kludges and written
them down for me?

If so, is there a similar piece of software that would work well in my
situation?  I've heard of Majordomo & SmartList, for example, but I
don't really know what's out there and what they do.

Any advice will be much appreciated.


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