[Mailman-Users] users object to [listname] prefix

James Strickland james at perforce.com
Thu Jul 29 18:12:34 CEST 1999

I just switched our internal lists over to Mailman (yay!!!!) without
making an announcement on the list.  The switch went smoothly, once I
figured out how to get the old archives into mbox format!

There are now a lot of messages on the list, however, objecting to the
[listname] prefix taking up "valuable subject line space".  I suspect
all of these people are using Microsoft products... anyway, has anyone
else had this experience?  Has anyone explicitly commended the use of the
[listname] prefix?  I personally like it, and don't want to change
anything.  The list has ~500 subscribers, and 5 have so far complained.
I could just ignore them... any thoughts?

James Strickland
Perforce Software

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