[Mailman-Users] Re: users object to [listname] prefix

sen_ml at eccosys.com sen_ml at eccosys.com
Fri Jul 30 18:15:25 CEST 1999

At around Fri, 30 Jul 1999 10:42:04 -0400 (EDT),
 "Barry A. Warsaw" <bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us> may have mentioned:

> >>>>> "sm" == sen ml <sen_ml at eccosys.com> writes:
>     sm> it would be really nice to be able to set this per user from
>     sm> the user perspective.
> That's not going to be possible, since you can't efficiently craft
> custom messages for each individual user.

i thought that might be the case :-( 

here's a post from the ezmlm mailing list which makes me think it might
almost be possible (may be even efficiently) using a patched qmail...

<beginning of edited post>

From: "Fred Lindberg" <lindberg at id.wustl.edu>
To: "ezmlm at list.cr.yp.to" <ezmlm at list.cr.yp.to>
Cc: "qmail at list.cr.yp.to" <qmail at list.cr.yp.to>
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 14:46:18 -0600


6f6a3cfaf7514790f8e63cd08d38c124  qmail-verh-0.01.tar.gz

This package contains two patches for qmail-1.03 + docs. The first
patch causes qmail-remote to replace '##L' with the recipient local
address and `##H' with the recipient host address. This can be used to
construct rfc2369 List-Unsubscribe etc headers that will always have
the correct subscription address. The second patch causes qmail-local
do a similar substitution. In this case, a VERP SENDER (ad modum ezmlm)
is required. This works for all delivery modes except program delivery.
See README in the package for more info.

To see what it looks like, subscribe to the qmail at id.wustl.edu sublist
and look at the posts. You'll find a

List-unsubscribe: <mailto:qmail-unsubscribe-you=your_host at id.wustl.edu>

Same for the daily qmail-digest at id.wustl.edu

<end of edited post>

so if qmail is used w/ certain patches (i guess there might need to be
some mechanism of retrieving user setting information when a message
is about to be sent), would it not be possible in theory?  he asked
him knowingly -- not knowing anything about mailman internals :-)

>     sm> better still i think would be a message header indicating what
>     sm> list the message is from, client software that displays this
>     sm> header, and peace on earth, and carp and perch and trout and
>     sm> ... bream ;-)
> Mailman already does the first...
> List-Id: Mailman mailing list management users <mailman-users.python.org>

that's good -- i should have checked before opening my mouth.

do you know whether List-Id is more-or-less an 'official' header?

> ...the second, third, and subsequent are beyond the scope of this
> software. :)

if the List-Id header is semi-official, then we can go around
evangelizing to folks who write mail clients or write patches
to mail clients ourselves :-)

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