[Mailman-Users] Splitting mailman mail delivery from web server

Brad Crittenden bac at ivc.com
Tue Jun 8 13:07:45 CEST 1999

if the original poster is in a position to share file systems and uid/gid
mappings this will definitely work.  i recently set up our system in this
manner.  it was slightly complicated by the fact the mail server and web
server are hosted on different operating systems (linux and solaris,
respectively).  it was relatively simple to do a platform-dependent compile
for the two different pieces.

good luck.


> An easier solution would be an NFS filesystem sharing files, and
> it's pretty easy to set up.  Take a look at

The first two paragraphs are relevant.


P.S.  Sorry for responding to a response; I lost the original query.

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