[Mailman-Users] Suggestion: new features

Csilling Akos csill at rfo5.rmki.kfki.hu
Mon Jun 28 10:30:48 CEST 1999


I am the administrator of a list managed by Mailman, not the Mailman
admin.  I would like to suggest some new features that would be welcome on
our list - purely from a user's view.

First, we have a problem with national accented characters, since some
people like to use them, while other people's machines do not support
them. It would help a lot, if Mailman was able to strip the accents

Second, it would be nice if Mailman was able to handle multi-list posts
intelligently, so that people subscribed to several lists would only get
one copy of the same message posted to all lists. This could be
implemented as a separate list which automatically includes all the
members of several given lists, but only once.

I hope it will be possible to implement these features.

Best wishes,


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