[Mailman-Users] listmembers still requiring moderation

Dwight J. Dutton dwight_dutton at titanic.arclight.net
Mon May 10 21:54:35 CEST 1999

I may be ignorant here, but I have my own server up and I have root access 
on it, and it is running the new version of Red hat.  I have figured out 
what two files I need to download to get mailman  but I can't figure out 
the instructions to install it.

Basically I don't know what directory on my machine to put the archive file 
in and what commands to use to get it to unpack & install itself.  Basic 
stuff, but I'm not fully versed in Linux as of yet.  I looked for a very 
basic idiot proof instruction file but could not locate one, and I'm afraid 
of doing this wrong and blowing the system up.

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