[Mailman-Users] Re: pipermail status & more

Mitchell Marks mitchell at walrus.uchicago.edu
Wed May 12 15:13:28 CEST 1999

I'm going to disagree a bit with Bernhard Reiter's expressed preferences, 
but wanted to note up front that "de gustibus non disputandum" probably 
applies here.

 >Otherwise I think that mailman doesn't necessarily need to support an
 >archiving and searching web engine. Most people want a ready to
 >go solution and it would be easy to produce that using
 >hypermail and htdig. IMO most people would benefit from having
 >easy to-go instructions for setting up hypermail and htdig.

If it could be packaged together, and all the uid/gid settings reconciled, 
I could see it.  But in fact it was a recent bad experience with hypermail, 
while moving my organizations web site to a different host, that made me 
pay attention to the announcements of Mailman.  Maybe I got the wrong 
version of hypermail, or was expecting too much from it in terms of 
seamlessly absorbing a copied existing archive and picking up from there.

 >(I guess that I am an advocate of modularisation.)
 >Of course a state of the art mailarchive program in python would be
 >nice. ;)

I always *think* that I favor modularisation, but then end up admiring 
something that's nicely integrated, and fuming at something modular that 
doesn't pop together smoothly.

But whether it be a well-behaved hypermail, or pipermail, or their 
successor from Bernhard's wish-list, I hope that Mailman continues to "know 
about" the archives -- that is, keep that link to the archives along with 
the other links on a list's page, and keep the archiving options on each 
list's management pages along with the other sorts of options.

 >Mailinglist management:
 >	Is there an options to have other posts as coming
 >	from the subscriber and the allowed mailing addresses
 >	to go to the moderators for approval?

Good idea.

 >Option HTML page:
 >	I don't like that I get a different Webbrowser windows,
 >	when I press (Details) . (Okay it is easy to change,
 >	but still I wanted to let you know, that I don't like it.) :)

I really like having that come up as a separate "help" window, leaving 
undisturbed the main window where I'm picking checkboxes.  But then, I'm 
always amazed when I use browser-back to return to some form and it hasn't 
forgotten my choices so far; maybe I just need more faith :)

   --Mitch Marks

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