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John-David Childs jdc at nterprise.net
Mon May 17 22:43:01 CEST 1999

I agree.  I think this is an RFE.  The "internal name" of the
list can be hidden from most users who visit the web page(s), because
mailman provides the opportunity to edit the HTML for each list.
However, no such mechanism is provided for modifying the 'system default'
welcome message for each group (one can only add information to
it..unless you modify the template for ALL mailing lists).

For instance, I have two jokes at somedomain lists running at two different
(nonprimary) domains...but internally one is called "jokes at primarydomain"
(the first one) and the second one is called "jokers at primarydomain".
The welcome message uses the "host name this list prefers" option
in the general config to define the list names as "jokes at domain1" (good)
and "jokers at domain2" (bad).  Basically...a simple "alias" config
option should fix it (i.e. in the field where we can only make
"case-changes" to the public name...we should be able to define the
public name of the list separately from the actual (internal) name of the

On Monday May 17, 1999, Lorenzo Cavassa <Lorenzo.Cavassa at ALPcom.IT>
 had this to say about "[Mailman-Users] Multiple domains":

> Hi,
> i would like to run Mailman hosting several mailing lists with several domains.
> An example:
> - two ml. : test at domain1.com, test at domain2.com
> - the internal naming is: domain1.test and domain2.test
> - i configure the MTA to accept test at domain1.com and test at domain2.com and to
> route email for these ml. to domain1.test and to domain2.test
> How can i instruct MailMan to hide the internal naming in welcome
> messages to subscribe users?
> Thank you!
> Lorenzo
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