[Mailman-Users] Posting only from list members does not identify members correctl y y

Keith Swenson kswenson at ms2.com
Wed May 19 20:28:41 CEST 1999

I looked through the archives and found the attached email message.
I am having the same problem.

1. I created a mailing list, posting allowed only from members
2. I signed up two users.  Both users received a welcome message
3. I post a message from a user to the list and I get this message:

    List:         Cystinuria at endeavor.med.nyu.edu
    Reason held:  Postings from member addresses only.
    From:         kswenson at netscape.net
    Subject:      Test Mail #1

The email address mentioned in the message is *exactly* what is in the list.
I did not see a reply to Alan's message in the archives.
Is there any workaround to this problem?


>We are having a problem with the rc1 version of mailman.  The problem
>also existed is previous versions I tried.  If you select to allow posts
>only from members AND to not have to approve each message it doesn't
>work right.  We still have to approve every message and the reason given
>is that posts are allowed by members only.  How exactly is the mailman
>try to determine if you are on the list?  Sometimes it looks like it's
>getting it from Sender: and sometimes it looks like it's getting info
>from one of the Recevied by tags.  I've tried it from 5 different mail
>servers and I get the same results every time.  It tells me that posting
>is restricted to members of the list.  One time it told me that I had to
>approve the message for that reason and the From: address it listed in
>the email to me WAS the same as the one I entered.  This program
>(mailman) is great so if someone could help me out here I would
>appreciate it.  Thanks!
>Alan Barnes
>dodger at toast.net

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