[Mailman-Users] Problems with approval

arety at bigfoot.com arety at bigfoot.com
Fri May 21 14:53:59 CEST 1999


I've installed Mailman two weeks ago and have been playing around
with it for a while before I put it to serious work. After a second install
I got the archive working (don't know why though).

Well, now I'm stuck at the message approval. The problem is that the
message is always held for approval even if the config say it should not
and the list is restricted to members. The same problem occur if I set
up to just allow some posters. It seems to me that if there are some
place in the config which hold messages for approval, all messages are
held with the message "Postings from member addresses only". The
sender /is/ a member. Is it somewhing I've done wrong or is the
installation incorrect?

Any clues?

Are Tysland

- at -

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