[Mailman-Users] Known spam

paz paz at apriori.net
Wed Nov 3 02:35:12 CET 1999

Hi -

I've been getting overwhelmed with stuff the administravia filter catches.
I'm the only one permitted to post to a certain list I've generated, but
many subscribe to the list ("listen-only"). If they want to submit
something, they send the submission to me at a different address.

Problem is that I get a few dozen unauthorized submissions directly to the
list address, the admin filter catches them as it should, and then I have
to scroll through a pile of them to reject them.

Can I filter incoming with something like procmail to just delete stuff
that I know to be spam? Or is there a feature I haven't found within
mailman which will do this for me?

cheers -
-- Philip.

DISCLAIMER: Anyone sending me unsolicited commercial electronic mail
automatically agrees to be held to the following legal terms:

US Code Title 47, Sec.227(a)(2)(B), a computer/modem/printer meets the
definition of a telephone fax machine. By Sec.227(b)(1)(C), it is
unlawful to send any unsolicited advertisement to such equipment. By
Sec.227(b)(3)(C), a violation of the aforementioned Section is punishable
by action to recover actual monetary loss, or $500, whichever is greater,
for each violation.

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