[Mailman-Users] duplicate messages

Justin Wells jread at semiotek.com
Thu Nov 4 04:42:43 CET 1999

I am still having duplicate message problems. I think, though, that I have
a bit more information now than before. 

My own messages are much more likely to cause duplicates than anyone 
elses. The difference is that I am a local user on the machine, so 
my messages often wind up getting delivered to mailman as:

    From: justin

whereas everyone else would have an @ sign and an address. I think this 
breaks something. The consequence of this breaking is that the delivery
process hangs after delivering most of the mail, at the end of the 
delivery. This hung process will stick around forever--until I reboot
the machine. At that point somehow mailman detects that the mail was 
not delivered properly (it gets a bounce?) and it resends a whole 
batch of mail out--to people who have already received it.

I think there are two bugs here:

   #1- mailman not coping with my local mail address
   #2- mailman aggressively sending out mail

Please help!


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