[Mailman-Users] Performance comparison between mailman, majordomo and sympa?

Christopher Petrilli petrilli at amber.org
Thu Nov 11 17:09:16 CET 1999

Farzad Farid [farzy at via.ecp.fr] wrote:
>  Hi,
>  What are the performances of the mailman system compared to majordomo and
> sympa? Especially in term of delivery speed and with a great number of
> accounts (around 1000).
>  Has anybody objectively compared these different systems? Is there any
> info available online?

I would say that performance is more dependenyt on your mailer, not your
mailing list manager.  For that, look at Qmail or Postfix (my favorie),
rather than Sendmail.

| Christopher Petrilli
| petrilli at amber.org

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