[Mailman-Users] mailman fails (SIGTERM) when dealing with very large lists

Adrian Joseph adrian.joseph at guardian.co.uk
Thu Nov 25 20:35:18 CET 1999

Mailman v1.0
Python 1.5.1
Linux 2.2.13

We have a very large mailing list, about 260000 members which we're trying
to move to mailman. Alas a number of functions fail with a mailman process
(python) dying. I've looked and it appears a SIGTERM is generated somewhere
causing the process to die. This occurs when trying to go into the
Membership Management screen and when trying to post to the list. I wonder
if this could be a timeout problem or some other limitation? I appreciate
that this is an unusually large list, but splitting it would cause us all
sorts of fun and games. Any ideas about this? BTW I did trace the python
process which starts when an attempt is made to enter the Membership
Management screen and apart from the signal nothing else looked out of
place. I plan on trying upgrading to python 1.5.2 and mailman 1.1, but any
suggestions or an explanation would be very welcome. Thanks


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