[Mailman-Users] Commercial hosting for Mailman lists?

J C Lawrence claw at varesearch.com
Sat Oct 2 00:53:51 CEST 1999

On Fri, 01 Oct 1999 06:39:59 +0100 
Brian Mulvaney <brianm at rain.com> wrote:

> I moderate a reasonably active discussion list with about 1,000
> subscribers (currently on Post.Office).  I would like to move my
> list to Mailman, however, I'm not really set up to run it in
> house.  Is anyone aware of any ISPs that host Mailman on a
> commercial basis?

What is the list topic?

> P.S.  If I were to run Mailman in house (literally in my house)
> I'd have to contend with a line speed of 128k to the net.  I'm
> wondering if this would pose a troublesome bottleneck and would
> love feedback from anyone running Mailman across 128k ISDN.

My experience, in running MailMan across at 56K line for a
subscriber base of ~300 and ~20 posts per day, was that it worked
just fine.  It is a *LOT* easier if you can get your ISP to
smarthost for you, but its not necessary.

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