[Mailman-Users] Commercial hosting for Mailman lists?

Tor Houghton th at nextel.no
Wed Oct 6 13:15:17 CEST 1999

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Michael Stevens wrote:

> What is a whistle box? I have visions of some ill defined object from
> the early part of this century, which seems to be unlikely to be what
> you are referring to.

Not sure if you got an answer, but ...

It is a small custom-made firewall/router/{samba,ftp,web,mail}server
suitable for small businesses. It is basically a FreeBSD box with custom
bits & pieces (internal UPS for one).

It has provisions for ISDN, PSTN, LL and FR access. It's neat, and has no
keyboard to speak of (a keypad from which you key in an enable code, and
it grabs its configuration from your ISP), and you can play "pong" on the
LCD display! :)

Check out http://www.whistle.com.

Tor Houghton

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