[Mailman-Users] List only goes to one type of Email

Michael Rose mar at Ag.Arizona.Edu
Wed Oct 6 20:55:48 CEST 1999

I just started using Mailman and we previously used Majordomo as our list
serve.  We have started up with a few liststo see if they are functioning
properly and I have run into a problem.  When I send out a message, it only
seems to send the messages to a default domain.  In this case, it is
"ag.arizona.edu" but there are more than just that domain on the list.  It
also includes, "u.arizona.edu", "aol.com", etc.  I was wondering if maybe I
have something set up wrong that I haven't noticed.  Thank-you in advance
for any help you can provide.

Michael Rose
Ag Networking Lab
University of Arizona

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