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jaredm jared_meeker at morinda.com
Tue Oct 12 16:09:29 CEST 1999

---Reply to mail from David Bennett about [Mailman-Users] Archives...

> Morning,
> I seem to have a problem with my archives.  They have suddenly started
> failing to log...  I had to move the entire mailman tree onto another
> disk partition recently and suddenly the archives stoped archiving.  The
> ..mbox files do not grow and nothing is written into the html piper logs
> either.  There are no error messages...  Everything fails silently.
> Any ideas or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> David.

You may want to check the file permissions.  When they were moved, they
may have lost the ones they needed.

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Jared Meeker
System Operator
Morinda, Inc.

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