[Mailman-Users] Email subscription with no confirmation

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vt.edu
Fri Oct 15 23:12:18 CEST 1999

At 02:22 PM 8/15/99 -0400, you wrote:

>At the beginning of each year, we do a massive creation of new accounts
>for students. (Well, not THAT massive but a few hundred anyway)
>Currently with PMDF listserv our addstudent script on the unix host that
>holds the student accounts fires off a "subscribe class-of-2001" message
>to the list server and the student is added.
>Mailman has that feature but requires a confirmation of the student
>before the subscription is added. While most would argue that this is

Well, you could do a couple of things here...

o Build a script during user generation, which is fed to add_members 
later.  (Probably much more efficient and scalable, and with judicious use 
of ssh could be automated).

o At the begining of the semester go into the lists and make approve, but 
not confirm.  Then just batch approve everyone by clicking "subscribe all 

o Go into mm_cfg.py, and set ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE = 1, which should enable 
the "open list" subscription option, then set your lists to "none" 
temporarily.  (In the admin "privacy" area)

  I'd recommend switching them *back* from type 0 (open) to type 1 
(confirm) or higher, and disabling ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE again later, 
because you really don't want everyone being able to subscribe people willy 
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