[Mailman-Users] External Archiver question ..again...

Hostmaster hostmaster at total.net
Thu Oct 21 19:26:54 CEST 1999

OK here is the story...

I have a mailing list that is primarily graphics based meaning emails with
gif's & jpg's in them...

Now with pipermail no one can view the attachments/graphics. Now I heard
there is a patch for this? The option of using an external archive, like
"MHonArc" which can do inline images or decode the uuencode which ever is
more correct.

 I finally got a hold of CVS installed it and got to the CVS server and got
the latest source(I guess as of today) now, do I have to re-install the
whole thing again? If so what will happen to my existing mailing lists and
archives? If I do does it automatically make all existing archives readable
or just the new ones...?

OR can I just replace the Defaults.py file and set EXTERNAL_PUBLIC_ARCHIVER
=0 to "1" and keep my version I have now that I got on the 19th of Oct ?
And if so,  how does it know where the external archive is and what command
line to use?

I am sorry for bothering anyone regarding this but I find it difficult to
find info on this and how to implement it...??

Any help from someone who has done it would be greatly appreciated!!!


Rob Morin
Montreal, Canada

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