[Mailman-Users] Mailman - unable to handle large mailing list

Robert Robert at grapevine2.com
Wed Oct 27 15:46:09 CEST 1999


After installing Mailman mailing list manager (switch from MajorDomo), and 
run it for the past 2 months, I discovered that it will not handle large 
mailing list (30,000+) when sending out several pending messages at the 
same time (after clicked on "approval").

However, it works good if every pending message is sent out at a time until 
all email addresses are completed processed out from the server.

Reason: I got complaints from lot of users saying they missed either 
important email newsletters (we have two editions newsletters to be sent 
out to same users per session.).

I reviewed the log files - not much bounces or exceed error messages, which 
got me puzzled.

Looks like Mailman source code needs more work to include the "error 
checking" features to prevent any missing emails.

Any suggestions for improvement? Every 30,000+ Email messages sent by 
Mailman would take 1 1/2 hour to process (28k message size). I'm upgrading 
this server to use Athlon 550MHz CPU/Motherboard to cut the processing time 
to half (45 minutes or so).

When will the next version be released - just curious.



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