[Mailman-Users] approval of subscription

Michelle Craft craft at biostat.wisc.edu
Wed Sep 8 20:38:27 CEST 1999

I've just installed Mailman 1.0.  Everything seems to work aside from the
approval of subscription requests.  I was trying to test out the 
'confirm+approval' setting for a list, and it doesn't seem to work.
This is what I did:

1) I try to subscribe from address craft at biostat.wisc.edu (or where else).

2) Mailman emails me asking for confirmation and I reply.

3) My reply is correctly sent to the list master and logged in 
$prefix/logs/subscribe as pending.

4) When the list master (me) tries to go to the 'Tend to pending
administrative requests' area, it says that there are no pending requests.

I found a file, $prefix/data/pending_subscriptions.db, that seems to have
the information it is looking for, but it can't find it.  I've run the
check_perms file, and it can't find anything wrong.

Thank you for any help.

Michelle Craft

(I tried to look at the FAQs and archives, but I couldn't find anything
regarding this.)

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