[Mailman-Users] migrating from smartlist

Justin Wells jread at fever.semiotek.com
Sat Sep 11 10:54:25 CEST 1999

OK, I just installed mailman and migrated a couple of small, unimportant
lists over to it. Everything worked OK, and mailman looks great.

Now I am looking at migrating over some of my larger lists (from smartlist). 

You're allowed to tell me to RTFM if you include a link to the FM, since
I looked around and didn't see an obvious way to do this, or an obvious
place to look for the answer:

  1) I have a lot of users to migrate over. There's the bulk subscribe
     option that I can use on the webpage, but it doesn't allow me
     to specify whether the user should get the digest version or 
     the non-digest version. 

     I don't want to turn on hundreds of checkboxes, especially since
     once they're in the sub list, it would be a horrendous amount of 
     work to sit there with a list of subscribers who should be digest
     versions, and hunt them down in the sub list, and check their box.
     How do I mass-subscribe a bunch of people, and tell mailman that
     they should ALL get the digest version? (I would then mass-sub 
     all the non-digests in one step, and all the digests in a 2nd step.)

  2) Is it possible to migrate my mailing list archive over? 

     I am currently running smartlist, which means what I have is a 
     directory with 2000 email messages in it, in plain text form, 
     complete with from lines. 

     I would like to post these to the mailman archive as though they
     had originally been posted to the list, but without mailing them
     out to the list subscribers. 

     It looks like I could just concatenate everything onto the end 
     of the mbox file... but I don't know what's going to happen. Is 
     there a limit on the size of this file? Will it work? What should
     I do here?

Thanks in advance,


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