[Mailman-Users] two copies of mailman on one machine?

Tomas Fasth tomas at euronetics.se
Tue Sep 14 14:55:54 CEST 1999

Jeff Berliner wrote:

>         Thanks for the reply.  I'm still having the same trouble
> though.  It's not that I have two virtual domains that I want to each
> have a copy of mailman, but two copies on the same domain.  For
> instance:
>         http://mymachine/mailman/admin/test
> would get me to my test list on my normal copy of mailman, and
>         http://mymachine/olmm/admin/oltest
> would get me to the oltest list on the second copy of mailman.  That
> seems to be ok, but on the second copy, all the cgi's seem to call the
> first copy (eg., /mailman/ is hardcoded somewhere).

I see. Yes, I have noticed that too. In my case I tried to optimise the URL
by removing the mailman part. Each of my Mailman instances have it's own
virtual http entry and I wanted admin and listinfo to be at root. But no.
No big deal though, I quickly forgot the issue. But now that you mention
it, there sure are some hardcoded stuff still in Mailman. Like check_perms
for example, with mailman uid hardcoded.

Shame on me though, I should have tried to produce some diffs and post it
here as soon as I made the observation. Not doing so, does that make me a
bad netizen? ;-)


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