[Mailman-Users] Hypermail to Pipermail

Erik Parker eparker at mindsec.com
Tue Sep 21 05:22:22 CEST 1999

Hello list, just subscribed..

I looked through the (what seem to be) unsearchable archives at
python.org, and couldn't really find anything. I also downloaded
every gzip and grep'd for an answer, couldn't find anything that way

Is there a faq file, or an email you could give me to reference on exactly
how to take all of my hypermail archives (a couple years worth) and
convert them over to pipermail?

We run a very large list, doing about 2000 posts a day, to 700
subscribers, for the Pentax camera discussion list. We are switching
from Majordomo to mailman, for it to be easier for them to use from
a user standpoint, as well as being able to let our helpdesk people
administrate the list. We have it running on a dual piii-550, with
512 megs of ram.. In my load testing Mailman has done great, except it
buckles when it gets 50 2 meg messages all within in a couple of minutes,
and has to resend that to 100 users. It is python using up all of the
resources, I think it might be from writing the archive, and not actually
from sending out the emails. I am unsure.

Thank you in advance.

Erik Parker
eparker at mindsec.com

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