[Mailman-Users] is there a way to have the list password emailed to yourself?

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vt.edu
Thu Sep 23 00:26:28 CEST 1999

At 02:48 PM 9/22/99 -0500, Listwrangler wrote:
>Is there a way to have the administrator password mailed to yourself?
>Since the ISP was hit by the hurricane I haven't been able to get on -- it
>says 'sorry, wrong password' and the ISP isn't taking care of the problem
>for me. If there was an option for the list administrator to mail their
>password to themselves if they forgot it -- or had problems -- they could
>get it again.

Not right now...  Although modifying mailpasswds to do admins would
probably be simple.

The theory is that the site admin would just go in and force a new password using
the site password, which, in your case, isn't working...
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