[Mailman-Users] Malformed return email address

Jacob Gorm Hansen jacob at ead.dk
Thu Sep 30 01:20:45 CEST 1999

Hmm... almost there I think, except the way return addresses are
generated "infpsyk-request at .melon.dk". I have no idea where the extra
"." comes from, has anyone experienced this kind of error before??

The relevant part of the maillog is below, please CC any replies as I'm
not on the list yet.


Sep 30 03:01:24 net postfix/smtpd[9092]: connect from
Sep 30 03:01:25 net postfix/smtpd[9092]: 9A6131904D:
client=net[]Sep 30 03:01:26 net postfix/cleanup[9093]:
9A6131904D: message-id=<19990930010125.9A6131904D at net.melon.dk>
Sep 30 03:01:26 net postfix/qmgr[8909]: 9A6131904D:
from=<infpsyk-request at .melon.dk>, size=1309 (queue active)
Sep 30 03:01:26 net postfix/smtpd[9092]: disconnect from
Sep 30 03:01:26 net postfix/local[9095]: 332151904A:
to=<infpsyk-request at melon.dk>, relay=local, delay=15, status=sent
("|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd infpsyk")

Sep 30 03:01:27 net postfix/smtp[9098]: 9A6131904D:
to=<paleface at ns.enterprisead.dk>,
relay=ns.enterprisead.dk[], delay=2, status=bounced (host
ns.enterprisead.dk[] said: 553
<infpsyk-request at .melon.dk>... invalid host name)
Sep 30 03:01:27 net postfix/cleanup[9093]: CB88C1904E:
message-id=<19990930010127.CB88C1904E at net.melon.dk>
Sep 30 03:01:28 net postfix/qmgr[8909]: CB88C1904E: from=<>, size=2552
(queue active)
Sep 30 03:01:28 net postfix/qmgr[8909]: warning: valid_hostname:
misplaced delimiter: .melon.dk
Sep 30 03:01:28 net postfix/qmgr[8909]: CB88C1904E:
to=<infpsyk-admin at .melon.dk>, relay=none, delay=1, status=bounced (bad
host/domain syntax: ".melon.dk")

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