[Mailman-Users] better way to search archives?

Dan Kegel dank at alumni.caltech.edu
Sun Apr 16 07:50:59 CEST 2000

we're using Pipermail to archive our lists, and are
searching them using htdig.  Unfortunately, htdig 
has to index the html output by Pipermail, so its
'page summary' shows all sorts of boilerplate.
In fact, the summaries are almost completely taken up by
boilerplate generated by Pipermail, so they're quite
useless for judging which hit is the best.

Worse yet, if you're searching for a word that appears
in the boilerplate (e.g. 'index' or 'thread'), you're
really out of luck.

Is there a combined search engine / list archiver that
can get around these problems?
- Dan

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