[Mailman-Users] test list problems

Omar Armas Aleman oarmas at mps.com.mx
Thu Apr 27 21:45:52 CEST 2000

> I think this is an smrsh problem....
> Is there a link to the wrapper program in /etc/smrsh  ?
> > I installed mailman-2.0beta2 in RH6.2, and created "test" list, I can see
> > the web page of the list and added a few members, but when I send a mail
> > to the list, I don't receive anything.
> > This is what I see en /var/log/maillog:

That was the problem.
I did "ln -s /home/mailman/bin/wrapper /etc/smrsh" and now it works

Thanks for all who answered me.


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