[Mailman-Users] users names in Mailman

Don Porter dgporter at erols.com
Wed Aug 2 05:14:03 CEST 2000

On  1 Aug, Chris Snyder wrote:
> One thing my boss commented on when I showed him Mailman, was that it
> doesn't allow you to record your list memebers full names like Listserv.
> (Thus, he's not 100% sold on Mailman ;) After I think about it, I would love
> to do be able to do that - any possibility of adding a comment/name field as
> part of the subscription forms?

Let me echo that.  Why not store the full e-mail address syntax
permitted by RFC822, such as:

	"Don Porter" <dgporter at erols.com>

I was happy to see that Mailman accepted such addresses in the
"mass subscribe" web interface.  I was disappointed when I visited the
subscriber list and all that remained was "dgporter at erols.com".

My apologies if that is a naive question.

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