[Mailman-Users] Auto unsubscribing when sent to list.

Nathan Stratton nathan at robotics.net
Wed Aug 2 15:06:48 CEST 2000

I have a list of about 1000 people and get a lot of people in and out of
the list. Several people send subjects with "unsubscribe" in them or send 
unsubscribe in the body". I have thought about not allowing any @yhooo or
@aol address to post to salve the problem, but need something else. Can
the list automatically unsubscribe anyone that sends a message or a header
with the word unsubscribe to the list? 

Nathan Stratton				CTO, Exario Networks, Inc.
nathan at robotics.net                     nathan at exario.net
http://www.robotics.net                 http://www.exario.net

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