[Mailman-Users] Re: New Mailing Lists

Kenneth Jacker khj at cs.appstate.edu
Mon Aug 7 22:37:21 CEST 2000

  kambiz> Hmmm... What is the mail client that you're using?  I've
  kambiz> included mailman-users at python.org on this email to see if
  kambiz> anyone else has an idea.

Gnus v5.8.2

  kambiz> Folks, we moved our lists off of smart-list over to Mailman
  kambiz> and now the digest appears in a different format
  kambiz> (non-standard).  I've changed the archive option to attach
  kambiz> each message as a MIME attachment.  But Kenneth is still
  kambiz> having problems.  Any ideas?

Though I, also, used the expression "non-standard digest", I'm not
sure that's really accurate.  What I *do* know about 'gnus' is that
support is built-in for maybe 8 or 10 different digest formats.  Most
digested lists can be "broken apart" by simply entering C-d
(<control>-d).  Some lists, however, like the MySQL digest don't work
properly either.

IIRC, the RH digest stopped coming.  Before they stopped, the gnus C-d
command worked fine.  Then, when the digests began arriving again,
gnus stopped working with the new format.

Thanks Kambiz for being so responsive to this issue!

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