[Mailman-Users] Confirming subscription sent to owner instead of list?

Ben Lovett blovett at bsdguru.com
Thu Aug 10 23:04:50 CEST 2000


I am once again having problems with Mailman.  I am running v2.0b5 under
FreeBSD.  Here's the problem..

When a user tries to subscribe to the list using the web interface, they are
sent a mail from Mailman.  But, when they reply to confirm their
subscription, instead of them being subscribed, I get the mail in my box,
and nothing happens after that.  I am running Mailman with Postfix snapshot
19991231.08.  If anybody could help me with this, I would be most

If it means anything, I was trying to use Majordomo on this machine before
switching to mailman.  But, I removed all traces of majordomo from the
postfix configuration, and from the system.  Thanks in advance :)


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