[Mailman-Users] More about my attachment problems

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Fri Aug 11 08:25:13 CEST 2000

> So, this problem with messages with attachments in 2.0b4 and b5 is
> completely reproducible.  Every message with an attachment larger than
> about 40K hangs the list -- files get added to the qfiles directory, but
> they get backed up behind the stuck message.
> Until I manually remove the messages from the qfiles directory and delete
> the lock files, I get the following error in the qrunner log:
> Aug 10 11:51:00 2000 (70047) qrunner begining
> Aug 10 11:52:00 2000 (70116) qrunner begining
> Aug 10 11:52:02 2000 (70116) Could not acquire qrunner lock
> Aug 10 11:52:02 2000 (70116) qrunner ended
> Aug 10 11:53:00 2000 (70167) qrunner begining
> Aug 10 11:53:01 2000 (70167) Could not acquire qrunner lock
> Aug 10 11:53:01 2000 (70167) qrunner ended   
> Eventually, I have to move the files into the qfiles directory one at a
> time, weeding out the culprits by hand.
> Anybody else seeing this behavior?  Any suggestions on solving it?

BTW, this means there's a qrunner lock (meaning the system thinks
there's still a qrunner process running).  Is there (still a qrunner
running at the time)?  If so, what's it doing?

Since you appear to have qrunner running every minute, is it possible
that qrunner is just taking a *long* time to finish when you have
a large mail message?  Or is it dead?

Are there messages in logs/error?

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