[Mailman-Users] Archival Problems

Michael Rose mar at Ag.Arizona.Edu
Tue Aug 15 21:14:30 CEST 2000

Hello to all,

	Hi, I am writing to the list to see if anyone else has had
problems with archiving in Mailman 2.0beta4.  We have had a list that has
not archived since May.  We were using Mailman 1.1 until we upgraded in
May.  The reason for upgrading was to maybe solve this archiving problem.
But to no avail, the archives are still down.  I am stumped.  The list
works fine, as the users of the list still receive mail but the archives
are not working.  We do have it set up to archive and to the best of my
knowledge, the settings are correct.  Has anyone else experienced this
sort of problem?  Thanks for any help!

Michael A. Rose
Ag Networking Lab
Forbes 218

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