[Mailman-Users] MTA -- Error problems.

Luis F. Lacayo lacayo at exlibris-usa.com
Wed Aug 16 15:49:53 CEST 2000


I am hoping some one can help me with this problem that started happening to
my installation of mailman.

Yesterday, our Network support staff tried to change the name of the server
(Don't ask WHY?) and we changed it back after nothing worked.  Ever since
then, every message sent to the 3 lists that I maintain do not send out
messages to the members to the lists.   When I look at the error logs, I get
messages with the individuals email address followed by :

Aug 16 08:49:13 2000 TrySMTPDelivery:    socket.error  / (110, 'Connection
timed out')  (deferred)
Aug 16 08:49:13 2000 TrySMTPDelivery:  Maybe your MTA daemon needs

I am able to send messages using elm or just mail out to other domains as
well as my domain.  I have started and restarted the sendmail deamons, Am I
missing something?

Thanks for all of your help.


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