[Mailman-Users] moved server, mailman is broken

Steve Maller steve at maller.com
Thu Aug 17 18:58:04 CEST 2000

on 8/16/00 at 2:04 PM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
>Stick hacking away at this, and coming up with more questions.  From
>mailman/Mailman/Defaults.py, I see this:
># SMTP host and port, when DELIVERY_MODULE is 'SMTPDirect'
>SMTPHOST = 'localhost'
>Can somebody tell me what they have for this settings?  I suspect that
>things may be happier if I change this, but I don't know.  When I compile
>the mailman RPM, it defaults all hostnames to localhost, so that's probably
>why it's set to localhost.  Thanks,

For some reason localhost didn't work for me, either, so I changed it 
to my server's FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) and hard-coded 
SMTPPORT = 25, too. Everything seems happy now.
Steve Maller

The optimist thinks that this is the best of all possible worlds, and
the pessimist knows it.
      --J. Robert Oppenheimer

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