[Mailman-Users] mailman-2.0beta5

Aaryn Olsson aaryn at Ag.Arizona.Edu
Fri Aug 18 09:25:21 CEST 2000

Dear mailman-user,

Just installed mailman-2.0beta5 and am testing my first list, which I
called mtesta, which I'm glad to report is working fine.  However, the
welcome message refers me to http://Ag.Arizona.Edu/mailmanadmin/mtesta 
and http://ag.arizona.edu/mailmanlistinfo/mtesta...

I'll bet there's an easy way to fix this, but I haven't figured it out.
In my Mailman/Defaults.py file, I have 
DEFAULT_URL         = 'http://Ag.Arizona.Edu/mailman/' 
which contains the trailing /, which is what I thought might be the cause
but clearly is not.  I have not altered this file nor any of the files in
the Mailman directory.

The only hitch I had when installing mailman was when I ran
bin/check_perms, I received the error message:

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "bin/check_perms", line 35, in ?
    import paths
ImportError: No module named paths

So I copied the paths files from mailman-2.0beta5/misc to
mailman-2.0beta5/bin and check_perms ran fine; even fixed one error.  I
wouldn't think these could be related except that the paths module was not
in a place where it could be found by bin/check_perms; maybe it is not the
right one?  I guess I don't have any idea, but thought this info might

Thanks for your help,
Aaryn Olsson

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