[Mailman-Users] Complaint: My E-mail address appears on this site without my permission

John A. Martin jam at jamux.com
Sat Aug 26 21:47:05 CEST 2000

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How do folks respond to complaints like the one below?

In this example with mailman 1.1 using default options the mail
addresses in the archives are not obfuscated.

Do mailing list archives commonly obfuscate mail headers?

My position has been not to _rewrite history_ by modifying mail

In this instance the complainer evidently gave permission for someone
to put his mail to the list and so may have been unaware that the list
was archived.  However I receive similar complaints from folk that
have themselves posted to lists where they could hardly have been
unaware of the archives.


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Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 10:44:28 -0700
From: John Q. Doe <jqd at home.com>
To: mailman-owner at lists.none-such.org
Subject: My E-mail address appears on this site without my permission

Dear owner,

I've noticed that some E-mail I agreed to have forwarded to a list
managed by you has appeared on your web site with my e-mail address
Had I know this would happen, I would have refused to have it
forwarded.  It is well know that Spammers tend to harvest E-mail address
from the web.
At the very least, some sort of device to hinder the "spam-bots" should
be employed here.  Could you please either delete my E-mail address or
alter it so that spammers would be foiled?

Here's one of the URLs"



John Q. Doe

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