[Mailman-Users] different server, same result (install problems/questions)

paz paz at apriori.net
Tue Aug 29 22:11:18 CEST 2000

: > -- The install directly off the net placed the files in a subdir off of
: > /usr/ports/distfiles; no files were copied to /home/mailman. Do we usually
: > copy the files there manually when done with the install?
: ?  There's "get the files" and then there's "configure and install"; did
: you read INSTALL?
: > -- Bottom line, I'm still uncertain how to actually get mailman working
: > properly. The automatic install from the ports collection didn't even seem
: > to work properly. What's necessary to resolve the "No Module Named Paths"
: > problem?
: I've no idea what "the automatic install from the ports collection" means, so
: perhaps we're talking at cross-purposes, but maybe you should read INSTALL
: anyway.

We're definitely "talking at cross-purposes".

Yes, I've read INSTALL a bunch of times. (I printed it out and checked off
the items as I successfully accomplished them.) There's nothing wrong with
not knowing how FreeBSD's ports collection works (or is supposed to work)
if you're not familiar with FreeBSD. I've been running Mailman since
revision 0.9 days. I referred to my installation notes from back then in
trying to get this new install working on a different server. I also
referred to the helpful notes received from people on this list back then,

Sometimes the person responsible for creating the FreeBSD port for a
particular program will pipe up and explain the why's and wherefore's of
how s/he chose to make his install template and might even explain its
idiosyncrasies. If a user detects an install problem like this, and the
port maintainer helps to fix it, the fixes get funneled back into the
port, thus making it better.

cheers -
-- Philip.

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